Anniversary Jokes

Anniversary Jokes – Lighten Up Your Celebration!

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Anniversary jokes sprinkle a dash of humor on the celebration of love, making the marking of another year together not just memorable but hilariously enjoyable.

Why settle for the ordinary when laughter can turn even the most mundane anniversary into a moment of joy and bonding?

From the subtle art of poking fun at marriage quirks to sharing a laugh over the years spent together, these jokes serve as the perfect icebreakers, deepening connections while lightening the atmosphere.

Curious minds seeking to infuse their messages or speeches with wit will find a treasure trove of inspiration.

Are you ready to transform your anniversary wishes from standard to standout, making every chuckle a testament to years of shared joy and companionship?

Funny Anniversary Jokes

Funny Anniversary Jokes

They say marriage is a deck of cards, starting with all hearts and diamonds but ending in a desperate search for a club and a spade. How else do you deal with snoring?

“Remember when I proposed, and you were surprised I knew your ring size?” he asked. “Honestly, I was more shocked you thought my finger was that size,” she quipped back, highlighting the unexpected surprises of matrimonial life.

Anniversaries make me reflect on my best decisions – like that one time I said no to the extended warranty on our blender. Who knew love could be more durable than appliances?

Each year, I present my wife with a lovely flower for our anniversary. It’s incredible how our collection of plastic blooms thrives, untouched by time, much like our love, I suppose.

“Love is blind,” they say, but marriage? It’s the real eye-opener. Now I know the real reason behind those glasses you always wear.

“What do you want for our anniversary?” he asked. “A day without your snoring,” she dreams out loud. If only dreams were that easily fulfilled.

Sharing, as they say, is caring. That’s why I share half my dessert and all my laundry with you. It’s the little things that count, right?

Anniversaries remind me just how much I can’t live without you – mostly because you’re the keeper of the sacred WiFi password.

“Our love is timeless,” he declares. “Especially when you take an eternity to get ready.” Some things never change, but at least they’re predictable.

Here’s to another year of making the couch a surprisingly comfortable bed – for one of us. Guess who?

Marriage, as it turns out, is the best teacher. It teaches loyalty, patience, understanding, and a myriad of skills you’d never need if you were still single.

“Honey, what’s the secret to our long marriage?” she pondered. “Two TVs,” came the succinct reply. Sometimes, harmony lies in the simplest solutions.

In love, they say never to ask, “Does this outfit make me look fat?” Experience teaches us the correct answers and saves us from many needless debates.

This year, we decided to recreate our first date for our anniversary. The awkward silence wasn’t just recreated; it was perfected, bringing back a flood of memories.

The first year of marriage is the hardest, they warn. If that’s true, we’re seasoned pros by now, champions at navigating the complex assembly instructions of both furniture and marriage.

Anniversaries are like personal holidays, celebrating the miracle of not losing each other in the same way we lose our keys – with a blend of luck and a bit of effort.

“I love you more than yesterday,” he says, sparking curiosity. “What did I do yesterday?” she wonders. Love, it seems, is a mystery wrapped in the enigma of daily life.

Here’s to celebrating the bravery of proving that love at first sight isn’t just a myth confined to romantic comedies and impulsive shopping sprees.

“Let’s eat somewhere we’ve never been for our anniversary,” she suggests. “How about the kitchen?” he jokes, hinting at the uncharted territories within their own home.

Finding that special someone you want to annoy for eternity, yet still receive a kiss from, is what marriage is all about. It’s the sweet with the sour, the happy with the annoying.

“Our love is like fine wine,” he muses. “So, it gets better with age?” she inquires. “No, it just makes me sleepy,” he admits, comparing the effects of long-term love to a relaxing beverage.

For our anniversary, we dream of going somewhere expensive. “How about the gas station?” he jests, poking fun at the ever-changing definitions of ‘expensive’ over the years.

“I’ve cherished every moment of our marriage,” he sincerely confesses. “Even that argument over who’d win in a fight, a bear or a shark?” she challenges. “Especially that,” he confirms, finding joy in the absurd.

The remote control, it turns out, is the unsung hero of our marriage, keeping peace and providing a semblance of control in a world of chaos.

“Remember, we’re in this together,” they remind each other, especially when the WiFi falters, proving that some challenges are best faced united.

Anniversaries celebrate not just the staying together, but the mutual decision not to run away, even when presented with the other’s quirkiest sides.

“You’re the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my days,” she confesses. “You’re excelling,” he acknowledges, recognizing the bizarre affection in her statement.

Our love story remains my favorite tale to tell, despite the snoring that provides the soundtrack to our nights.

“Let’s have a quiet dinner for our anniversary,” he proposes. “Splendid, you cook, and I’ll ensure my chewing is as silent as a whisper,” she agrees, planning a serene celebration.

Viewing marriage as an adventure akin to going to war, but with more cuddles and less conflict, offers a unique perspective on lifelong companionship.

“Our marriage is built on trust and understanding,” she reflects. “I trust you’ll never understand my love for reality TV,” he admits, embracing their differences with humor.

“How do you two stay together so long?” they’re often asked. “Separate outings,” they reveal. “She explores on Mondays; I adventure on Fridays.” Independence within unity, it seems, is their secret.

Each anniversary, I’m reminded of how my life not only improved but also became significantly louder and livelier.

“What’s the best part of our marriage?” he inquires. “Discovering your hidden talent as a chef, thanks to my culinary…challenges,” she admits, celebrating the unexpected benefits of their union.

Celebrating the anniversary is also about making those still searching for love a tad envious of the unique joy we’ve found.

“True love means not having to hold your breath when opening the sock drawer,” he jests on their anniversary, highlighting the intimate familiarity that comes with years together.

In this workshop called marriage, he works, and she shops. Balance, it turns out, isn’t just a concept but a practice.

“Do you remember when we used to cuddle every night?” she reminisces. “Now, our romance is about who gets the most blanket,” he laughs, finding humor in the evolution of their love.

For this anniversary, let’s indulge in something we both genuinely love. I’ll patiently await your decision, ready to agree with enthusiasm.

Celebrating an anniversary isn’t just about marking another year; it’s about honoring the journey of adapting to and loving each other’s quirks.

Work Anniversary Jokes

Work Anniversary Jokes

Congrats on another year of pretending to know what you’re doing!

“Happy work anniversary! You’ve outlasted the office plants.”

Another year down, and still no closer to knowing what that one meeting was about.

“So, another year of surviving meetings that could’ve been emails, huh?”

Your dedication to not getting fired truly inspires us all.

“Happy work-iversary! Here’s to more coffee than answers.”

Year after year, you prove that the secret to success is pressing ‘mute’ during conference calls.

“Looks like you’ve been here longer than the fridge’s mystery lunch. Congrats?”

Celebrating your talent for never being the one to refill the printer paper.

“It’s your work anniversary! Or as we call it, ‘Annual Reminder to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Day.'”

A toast to you, the only survivor of the great office chair race of ’05.

“This year, let’s celebrate all the times you pretended to work from home.”

Congratulations on mastering the art of looking busy.

“Here’s to another year of magically avoiding every team-building activity.”

Your ability to evade work while at work is almost admirable.

“Congrats! You’ve officially spent more time in virtual meetings than in reality.”

Another trip around the office sun without getting caught napping. Impressive!

“Happy anniversary! Remember when you were new and thought ‘synergy’ was a real thing?”

Cheers to you, the office meme lord, for another year of quality content.

“Today marks another year of you skillfully avoiding responsibility. Well done!”

Let’s honor your unique skill of reheating fish in the office microwave without guilt.

“You’ve been here so long, you remember when people actually used fax machines.”

Celebrating the annual tradition of questioning all your life choices on this day.

“Your time here has lasted longer than most of our office plants. That’s something!”

Here’s to the countless times you’ve said, “This meeting should have been an email.”

“Happy work-iversary! You’ve become part of the furniture, and not just because you nap under your desk.”

Another year of not being the reason for a safety meeting. Keep it up!

“Congrats on spending another year in a cubicle without going cubi-crazy!”

You’ve successfully completed another 365-day tour of duty. Time to reenlist?

“Happy work anniversary! It’s like a birthday, but with less cake and more existential dread.”

Anniversary Jokes One Liners

Marriage: where “What do you want for dinner?” becomes the ultimate test of compatibility.
Anniversaries: celebrating the fact that neither of you has escaped yet.
“Marriage is a workshop—where I work and you shop!”
Love means never having to say, “Hey, have you seen my phone charger?”
“I’ve found the one I want to annoy for the rest of my life!”
Anniversaries: because remembering your wedding date is cheaper than forgetting it.
“Here’s to another year of pretending to laugh at each other’s jokes.”
“Marriage teaches you loyalty, patience, and how to hide snacks.”
“An anniversary is just a yearly performance review for spouses.”
“Love is holding hands in the street and the remote control in the couch.”
“Our love is timeless, unlike my ability to remember where I put my keys.”
“Marriage is finding that special someone you can enjoy being bored with.”
“Here’s to another year of mutual eye rolls and deep sighs.”
“We go together like copy and paste.”
“Marriage: the discovery that your partner snores in mysterious ways.”
“Love is sharing your popcorn and your Netflix password.”
“An anniversary is a reminder as to why you love and married this person. Just kidding, it’s about cake.”
“Together forever, just like those two socks lost in the laundry.”
“Marriage means commitment. So does insanity.”
“Our love story is my favorite, except for the part where you snore.”
“Love is finding that one person who puts up with your drama and calls it adorable.”
“Sure, these might seem a tad unconventional. But, give it a thought. Have you ever encountered a moment so peculiar, laughter was the only response? Here’s to another round of monopolizing the blankets. Marriage, after all, unites someone who can’t recall a single anniversary with another who keeps track of them all.
“I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it.”
“An anniversary: the day we celebrate getting through another year without killing each other.”
“You’re the only one I want to drive crazy for the rest of my life.”
“Here’s to pretending to understand what you’re talking about.”
“Marriage is like a fine wine, if fine wine required a lot of maintenance.”
“Anniversaries remind me how I can’t live without you, mostly because you know all my passwords.”
“Celebrating the day you gave up on finding someone better than me.”

Wedding Anniversary Jokes For Friends

To the couple who navigates the wife’s mood swings like seasoned sailors facing the tempest—may your compass always point to calm seas.

Ah, marriage, the arena where the question, “What’s for dinner?” sparks debates more heated than any political discourse.

Kudos on another lap around the sun! May your matrimonial bond continue to mature in the seclusion of its own peculiar cellar—much like a rare vintage wine.

Congratulations on another 365 days of lending each other your ears, with the occasional nod, pretending the stories are as fresh as the day you first shared them.

“Marriage, the lifelong journey of annoying that one special person. You’re doing splendidly.”

Here’s to another year of half-hearted threats to upgrade your better half—may your bargains always be in jest.

Anniversaries, akin to birthdays, yet with a sprinkle more compromise and a dash less cake.

A toast to evading the age-old inquiry about the pitter-patter of little feet—may your deflective skills remain unmatched.

“Marriage, the artful dance of tackling together the problems solitude would never have known.”

On finding the one whose oddities click with yours—like puzzle pieces from different boxes that somehow fit.

Wishing you another year where every disagreement is as trivial as forgetting to replace the toilet roll.

“Marriage teaches you life’s greatest lesson: how to claim your side of the bed with unwavering determination.”

To more nights of blanket heists and blaming the innocent pup—may your warmth (and guilt) be shared equally.

“You two are the epitome of opposites attract, from cleanliness to chaos, in perfect disharmony.”

Here’s celebrating another year of your collective cultural amnesia—may your references forever go unrecognized.

“Marriage is akin to a deck of cards. Initially, all you need is two hearts; now, we pray for a miracle.”

Cheers to your love, outlasting even the strongest Wi-Fi signal—may your connection remain uninterrupted.

Raising a glass to another year of feigning delight at each other’s culinary experiments.

“Marriage, redefining ‘Netflix and chill’ to its most literal—and comfortable—interpretation.”

Mastery of the silent treatment—an art form you both have seemingly perfected over the years.

Celebrating your annual race to feigned sleep—may the best actor win.

“Your thermostat wars give me hope that I, too, will find someone with whom to passionately debate household settings.”

Here’s to another year of remote control battles—may the best channel-surfer win.

“Happy anniversary! It’s essentially a celebration of enduring each other’s quirks without fleeing.”

“Finding harmony in marriage is like negotiating Spotify playlists—a delicate balance of give and take.”

Congratulations, you’ve outlasted the average celebrity union—may your star continue to rise.

To another year of embracing each other’s strangeness, as inseparable as your shared Netflix queue.

“With each year, you uncover new layers to one another, like discovering the symphony of snores that accompany the night.”

Cheers to another trip around the sun, filled with the eternal dilemma of choosing a dinner spot.

“Happy anniversary! Together, you’ve shown that true love means finding humor in the most unexpected moments.”

Anniversary Jokes For Parents

Hats off to Mom and Dad, whose love saga continues to thrive, even when faced with the ultimate test: agreeing on a TV channel.

Happy anniversary! Dad’s unwavering belief that Mom laughs at his jokes out of anything but courtesy remains one of life’s great mysteries.

Here’s to the pair whose squabbles over directions always lead them back to each other – a true navigation marvel.

“To my beloved parents, whose love story is still my favorite, especially for those moments you pretend to understand each other amidst the ‘what?’ and ‘huh?'”

Applause for Dad, who’s become adept at nodding at just the right moments in Mom’s tales, making each retelling seem like a premiere.

A toast to another year of Mom saving Dad from the fashion faux pas of mismatched socks – a true labor of love.

Celebrating your love that grows stronger with each passing year, much like the volume on your TV.

“Here’s to the eternal remote control tussle: may your batteries last as long as your patience with each other.”

Commemorating a love that blossomed from flirtation to a shared life quest for the last slice of cake.

Cheers to my parents, who redefine love as never questioning, “Whose turn is it to tackle the dishes?”

“Dad, your demonstration that true love involves finding someone who tolerates your snoring is nothing short of heroic.”

Here’s to celebrating love that turns an ordinary evening on the couch into the epitome of romance by 9 PM.

Happy anniversary to my trailblazing parents, who transform every GPS disagreement into a masterclass in diplomacy.

To Mom and Dad: transforming grocery runs into impromptu dates, proving love flourishes in the most mundane moments.

Cheers to the couple who’s perfected the delicate balance of power: Dad believes he’s in charge, and Mom graciously lets him.

“Mom and Dad, your journey through time and our teenage years is a testament to love’s enduring power.”

Here’s to more years filled with your unique brand of weirdness and those silences that speak volumes.

“To the masters of tomorrow’s argument amnesia, may your debates be as fleeting as your reasons for starting them.”

Celebrating the couple whose nightly ritual involves questioning whether the downstairs lights were left on.

“Here’s to the decades-long love story that’s braved even Dad’s most questionable fashion phases, sandals and socks included.”

To the remarkable duo whose shared laughter has proven more precious than the grandest of romantic gestures.

Cheers to the parents who find romance in the margins of grocery lists, where ‘milk and bread’ becomes a love note.

Happy anniversary! Your skill in keeping both love and houseplants alive is nothing short of miraculous.

“To the enduring patience of putting up with each other’s choice of TV programs—may your channels always align.”

Toasting to the couple whose wild notion of adventure is daring to try a new recipe on a quiet Saturday night.

Celebrating the enchanting routine that turns Mom’s closet conundrum into an unexpected shopping spree courtesy of Dad.

“To my parents, the embodiment of forgetting yesterday’s squabbles, embodying the essence of ‘in one ear and out the other.’”

Cheers to the lovebirds whose silent exchanges speak louder than words, especially when it’s, “You’re telling it wrong.”

Here’s to the synchronized dance of Dad’s jokes and Mom’s perfectly timed eye rolls—may your choreography remain flawless.

Happy anniversary to the couple who’ve braved all, including the daunting Netflix selection screen—a true modern-day ordeal.

Anniversary Jokes For Wife

Here’s to another year of me stealing the covers and you pretending you don’t mind. Happy anniversary, love!

Happy anniversary! I love you more than coffee, but please don’t ask me to prove it before my first cup.

Cheers to another year of me finding new, innovative ways to annoy you. And you, somehow, loving me more for it.

“Babe, our love is like my hairline… it grows stronger and recedes less with every passing year.”

To my darling wife, who has an incredible talent for remembering every word I say. Especially the words I shouldn’t have said.

Here’s to another year of sharing dreams, my love. And by dreams, I mean the bed, because you occupy 80% of it.

Happy anniversary! It’s amazing how we’ve managed to keep things fresh, like the milk I always forget to buy.

“I’ve spent years trying to think of the perfect gift, and then I realized… it’s me. You’re welcome.”

Cheers to another year of marital bliss, where “bliss” means agreeing with you even before you’ve made your point.

Our love is timeless, unlike the socks you’ve been asking me to pick up off the floor since our honeymoon.

Here’s to celebrating the woman who knows how to push all my buttons—especially the ones marked ‘snooze’.

“To my wife, who stands by me through thick and thin. Mostly thick, thanks to your cooking.”

Happy anniversary to my partner in crime! And by crime, I mean putting up with my dad jokes.

“I told you I’d love you forever. I didn’t say anything about loading the dishwasher correctly, though.”

To the love of my life, who has patiently explained what ‘fine’ really means. Spoiler: it’s never good.

Here’s to another year of me saying, “Yes dear,” and you pretending to believe I was listening.

“Our marriage is rock solid, much like the leftovers you find in the fridge and still decide to eat.”

Cheers to the woman who has the unique ability to start sentences with “You should…” and make it sound like a loving suggestion.

“For our anniversary, I found something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. It’s me, in my old jeans, with your borrowed sweater, feeling blue you didn’t laugh at my joke.”

Happy anniversary! I’m still not sure how you put up with me. But I’m glad you have a manual.

“Here’s to the woman who told me communication is key, which apparently means she talks and I listen.”

Celebrating another year of being your armrest in every photo because true love is about giving support.

To my dear wife, who beautifully sings off-key in the shower and makes every day a musical.

“Our love story is my favorite, except for the suspenseful plot twist where you use my razor.”

Here’s to another year of mutual understanding—like understanding I’ll never win an argument with you.

“Happy anniversary to my better half, who always leaves me the smaller half of the cake.”

“To my wife, who has taught me the true meaning of silence… especially when she’s mad.”

Celebrating the woman who expertly navigates my mood swings better than any GPS could with traffic.

“I love how we finish each other’s—”… “Dinner?”

Here’s to the only person who knows my weirdest habits and still decides to sleep next to me.

Anniversary Jokes For Girlfriend

Cheers to another year of us navigating life together, where “us” sometimes means you stealing my favorite hoodies, and me pretending I haven’t noticed to keep the peace.

Happy anniversary! Our love is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Or maybe that’s just us getting better at pretending the other one is right.

Here’s to another 365 days of perfecting our dance – you stepping on my toes and me never missing a beat to tell you how much I adore every step.

“For this special day, I thought of revisiting where it all started. Then I remembered, it’s right here, in our living room, on this very couch. Adventure awaits, doesn’t it?”

To my beloved, who has the magical ability to remember the exact date we met but somehow forgets our dinner reservations. It’s a good thing love conquers all, even forgetfulness.

Here’s to the queen of finding my things in places I swear I checked. Except, of course, when it’s her own stuff. Then, it’s like a treasure hunt without a map.

Happy anniversary to my personal comedian, who laughs at her jokes so I don’t have to. But I always end up laughing anyway because your joy is contagious.

“Babe, our love is the melody of my life. Even your snoring has become a rhythm I can’t sleep without. It’s our unique kind of music.”

Here’s to another year of you being the warmth in my life, literally. Who needs a blanket when your hugs are the coziest spot in the world?

Celebrating the girl who remembers the tiny details, like the anniversary of our first kiss, but might lead us on a mini-adventure finding the car in a parking lot.

“To my partner, the perfect blend to my morning coffee. Sure, I’m the one who gets up to make it, but it’s your smile that truly wakes me up.”

Here’s to the gal who has all my passwords, including the one to the diary of my heart. Just, please, don’t hack into my game saves; that’s sacred territory.

This year, let’s toast to your uncanny ability to choose the longest movie on movie night. It’s a good thing our love is more thrilling than any director’s cut.

“Happy anniversary! Our story is the blockbuster hit of my life, with the twist being you said ‘yes’ to this goofball. Who knew we’d make it this far?”

To the artist of taking her time to get ready, crafting a masterpiece each time. Darling, your beauty is worth every second of the wait, even if it means we’re fashionably late.

“Here’s to my confidante, the keeper of my wildest dreams and goofiest moments. Your support is the canvas of my life’s most beautiful paintings.”

Celebrating another lap around the sun with the one who endures my chocolate heists with grace, even when it’s the last piece. Your forgiveness is my favorite dessert.

“To the love of my life, who’s seen every shade of my personality and chooses to stay, painting our life with colors of patience and laughter.”

Our journey is like a mixtape of the greatest hits and some experimental tracks. But every note brings us closer, even if my singing should probably be left to the shower.

“Here’s to the balance we bring to each other’s lives, like the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. Though, let’s be honest, you’re the sweet one, melting my heart every day.”

Celebrating the woman who’s bravely navigated another year with me, without once calling customer support for a relationship troubleshooting guide. Your dedication is my daily reward.

“Happy anniversary! We fit together like puzzle pieces, even if sometimes you’re a sky piece and I’m a corner. Somehow, you make it work.”

Here’s to another year of you putting up with my dance moves, which, let’s be honest, are more like enthusiastic jogging than actual dancing.

“To my muse, who inspires me daily and has the unique talent of making even my worst days look like masterpieces by just being there.”

Happy anniversary to the woman who’s the reason behind my every smile, my every laugh, and the occasional burnt dinner. Together, we’re cooking up a lifetime of memories.

“Here’s to the partner who makes every moment feel like an extra day in the year, making our time together leap with joy and love.”

Celebrating the only person who gets why the kitchen is a sanctuary for more than just eating, but for midnight talks, dance-offs, and the occasional cooking experiment gone awry.

“Happy anniversary, my love. Here’s to you, for loving me at my bear-iest, especially before my morning coffee. It’s a bravery that deserves its own medal.”

Here’s to another year of shared laughter, whispered secrets, and understanding looks that say, “Yes, we’re going to order dessert, and no, we’re not sharing with anyone else.”

Happy anniversary to the most remarkable woman, who’s turned my life into a journey filled with love, laughter, and the perfect amount of craziness. Here’s to us, to now, and to many more adventures ahead.

Anniversary Party Jokes

Here’s to another year of pretending to laugh at the same old stories we tell every anniversary party.

“Honey, do you remember that vow of ‘for better or worse’? Yeah, this party’s leaning heavily on the ‘worse’.”

Cheers to another year of my spouse stealing the blanket and me considering it grounds for divorce.

“I asked my partner what gift they wanted for our anniversary. They said, ‘Just your presence.’ So, I didn’t wrap myself. You’re welcome.”

Here’s to surviving another year of marriage without using the other’s toothbrush by mistake. Or so they claim.

“Our marriage is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Too bad we’re more like milk.”

Happy anniversary! It’s the one day a year we pretend to forget all the silly arguments…like who’s turning off the light tonight.

“To my spouse, who says communication is key in marriage. I say, ‘Finding the TV remote is crucial’.”

Celebrating the miracle of how my partner can still find new ways to drive me crazy after all these years.

“Our love is eternal, the party decorations? Not so much. They’ll be down by tomorrow morning.”

Here’s to another year of my spouse hogging the bed and me considering the couch a viable sleeping option.

“An anniversary is a time to reflect on the joys. Like, joyfully wondering if you’ll ever get the remote control back.”

To the love of my life, who’s been my rock. And by rock, I mean ‘please, can you stop changing the thermostat settings?’

“Marriage teaches you patience, especially when waiting for your partner to get ready for the anniversary party.”

Here’s to hoping the cake is as sweet as our love and not as bitter as our arguments.

“Our marriage is proof that opposites attract. I like peace and quiet; they love vacuuming at 7 AM on Saturdays.”

Cheers to our love, strong enough to endure my cooking and still call it delicious.

“For our anniversary, we wanted a romantic trip. Budget decided it’s a romantic trip to the backyard.”

Here’s to another year of blissful ignorance…like pretending not to hear each other’s selective hearing.

“Marriage is about sharing: the remote, the chores, and every piece of chocolate, apparently.”

Celebrating the art of pretending to listen to long stories I’ve heard a million times before, because love.

“They say marriage is all about compromise. Like compromising on what takeout to order because cooking is…let’s not go there.”

Here’s to my partner, who still laughs at my jokes, proving true love is indeed blind…and possibly deaf.

“Anniversaries remind us of our love’s endurance, like enduring my partner’s snoring like a freight train.”

To another year of mastering the delicate dance of ‘whose family are we visiting this holiday?’

“I love you more with each passing year, and somehow, less with each passing argument about laundry.”

Cheers to figuring out the mystery of who left the lights on all night. Spoiler: It’s always the one who asks.

“Marriage is finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life, and still getting cake once a year.”

Here’s to a love that grows stronger with every forgotten anniversary…because what are calendars for?

“Celebrating another year of blissful matrimony. Blissful for me, matrimony for them. Here’s to compromise!”

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