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Zelda Jokes – Giggle with Ganon and Link

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Navigating the vast world of humor can sometimes feel like wandering through the Lost Woods in “The Legend of Zelda”

. Remember the joy of finally solving a tricky puzzle in Zelda? That’s the same feeling you get when you stumble upon a joke that’s just the right blend of wit and humor.

Zelda jokes, in particular, offer a delightful fusion of gaming nostalgia and clever wordplay. Why do so many of us resonate with jokes about Link, Zelda, and the vast land of Hyrule?

Perhaps it’s because these jokes transport us back to simpler times, where our biggest concern was rescuing a princess or finding the next heart container.

Ready to embark on a quest filled with laughter? Let’s dive into the realm of Zelda jokes, where humor meets Hylian heroics.

Funniest Zelda Jokes

Funniest Zelda Jokes

Dive into the whimsical world of Hyrule with a twist of humor! From the heroics of Link to the mysteries of Zelda, there’s always room for a chuckle.

Here are 40 Zelda jokes that will tickle your funny bone and transport you to a realm of laughter and adventure:

Why did Link get a job at the bakery? He kneaded the dough!

Zelda’s favorite music genre? Hylian-hop.

Link’s favorite vegetable? Zucchini… because it sounds like “Zelda”!

Why did Ganon avoid school? Too many Links on the web!

Zelda’s favorite place to shop? Hyrule Mall.

What’s Link’s favorite dance? The Hylian shake!

Why did Zelda go to art school? To master the drawing of the sword.

Link’s least favorite weather? Wind Waker conditions.

What did Ganon say to Link at the tennis match? “Serve’s you right!”

Why did Zelda refuse to play cards? Too many Links in the deck.

Link’s favorite instrument? The ocarina, of course!

Why did Zelda get glasses? To better see Link coming to her rescue!

What’s Link’s favorite pasta? Spaghetti and meatballs with a side of Triforce.

Why did Ganon hate the library? Overdue Link fees.

Zelda’s favorite drink? Hylian herbal tea.

Why did Link go to school? To improve his swordsmanship and literacy!

What’s Zelda’s favorite flower? Hylian roses.

Why did Link get kicked out of the band? Too much ocarina solo!

What did Zelda say when she saw Link with another shield? “That’s not your type!”

Why did Link wear a watch? To track his time in the Temple of Time.

What’s Ganon’s least favorite day? Link’s birthday.

Why did Zelda bring a ladder? To reach the higher Hyrule.

Link’s favorite movie? “Guardians of the Galaxy”, because of all the guardians he’s faced!

Why did Zelda become a chef? She loved cooking up potions.

What did Link say to the Deku Tree? “Leaf me alone!”

Why did Ganon join the circus? He loved the ringmaster’s whip.

Zelda’s favorite candy? Hylian gummies.

Why did Link go fishing? To catch the legendary fish of Hyrule.

What’s Ganon’s favorite dessert? Dark chocolate.

Why did Zelda write a book? To share the legends of Hyrule.

Link’s favorite game? Hide and Sheik.

Why did Ganon hate the beach? Too much sand in his boots.

Zelda’s favorite bird? The Hylian hawk.

Why did Link become a farmer? He loved growing bomb flowers.

What did Zelda say to Link at the dance? “You light up the room!”

Why did Ganon avoid the forest? Too many tree Links.

Zelda’s favorite fruit? Hylian berries.

Why did Link get a boat? To sail the seas of Hyrule.

What’s Ganon’s favorite song? “Bad to the Bone”.

Why did Zelda go camping? She loved the wild breath of nature.

Zelda dad jokes

Zelda dad jokes

Gather ’round, adventurers of Hyrule! Every hero needs a good laugh, especially when it comes from those classic dad jokes that make you groan and chuckle at the same time.

From the vast plains of Hyrule to the bustling streets of Castle Town, here are 30 Zelda-themed dad jokes that even the Great Deku Tree would appreciate:

Why did Link get a calendar? To find the date of Zelda’s next ball!

Zelda asked Link why he always carried two bags. His reply? “Doublet purposes!”

How does Link organize a party in Hyrule? He plans it with a Sheik-list.

Link’s shoes were always noisy. Guess they were his Navi-gators!

Why did Zelda avoid the math book? She heard it had too many problems.

Link: “I only know 25 letters of the alphabet.” Zelda: “Which one don’t you know?” Link: “I don’t know Y.”

Why did Link go to the bank? To save his rupees!

Zelda wondered why Link was always calm. He said, “I just shield my emotions.”

How does Link greet his boat? “Ahoy, mate!”

Why did Zelda bring string to the picnic? She wanted to tie a Link sausage!

Link’s favorite type of music? Anything with a good hookshot!

Zelda: “Why did you bring a ladder to our date?” Link: “I wanted to reach new heights with you!”

Why did Link get a bell? He wanted to give a ringing endorsement!

Zelda loves Link’s jokes. She says they’re a breath of the wild!

Why did Link wear red boots? He wanted to ruby it in!

Link’s favorite vegetable? A Zeldery stick!

Zelda: “Why are you carrying a broom?” Link: “To sweep you off your feet!”

Why did Link go to school? To improve his Link-guistics!

Zelda’s favorite snack? Link-tamales!

Why did Link bring a fan to the desert? He heard it was Gerudo be hot!

Link’s favorite place to relax? Lake Hylax!

Zelda: “Why did you bring a map to dinner?” Link: “To find my way to your heart!”

Why did Link get glasses? To see the finer points of his sword!

Zelda’s favorite dessert? Linkguini with ice cream!

Why did Link go to the beach? He wanted to sea-s the day!

Link’s favorite drink? Hylian punch!

Zelda: “Why are you wearing a hat indoors?” Link: “It’s my thinking cap!”

Why did Link bring a pencil to the fight? He wanted to draw his sword!

Zelda’s favorite game? Hide and Link seek!

Why did Link get a timer? He wanted to beat the clock!

Bad zelda jokes

Bad zelda jokes

Brace yourselves, Hyrule enthusiasts! Not all jokes are destined for the Hall of Fame. Some are so bad, they’re good.

Or are they just bad? Either way, they’re bound to get a reaction.

From groan-worthy puns to facepalm-inducing punchlines, here’s a collection of 30 Zelda jokes that might just be so bad, they circle back to being funny:

Why did Link sit on the computer? He wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!

Zelda’s least favorite instrument? The ocarina of grime.

Link’s least favorite weather? When it’s raining cats and Moblins.

Why did Zelda bring a ladder to the bar? She heard the drinks were on the house!

Link’s favorite type of movie? Anything but a rom-com, they’re too Link-y.

Zelda: “Why did you bring a sword to dinner?” Link: “In case of a food fight!”

Why did Link go to the doctor? He had a bad case of Hyrule cough!

Zelda’s least favorite game? Truth or Triforce.

Why did Link get a ticket? He parked in a no-Zelda zone!

Link’s least favorite day? Mow the lawn day.

Zelda: “Why are you wearing two watches?” Link: “It’s two-timing!”

Why did Link go to the bakery? He wanted a piece of the pie-force!

Zelda’s least favorite dance? The moonwalk, she prefers sun dancing.

Why did Link bring a rope to the party? He wanted to tie one on!

Zelda’s least favorite song? “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” – too many broken pots!

Why did Link go to the beach? To catch some Z-rays!

Link’s least favorite vegetable? Spinach, it’s not Hylian enough.

Zelda: “Why did you bring a duck to our date?” Link: “I thought you said it was a bill night!”

Why did Link go to the library? He was looking for book-shots!

Zelda’s least favorite sport? Link-diving.

Why did Link get a job at the circus? He was a juggle champion!

Zelda’s least favorite fruit? Sour grapes.

Link’s least favorite type of music? Ganon-banging tunes.

Why did Zelda go to the spa? She wanted a Link massage!

Link’s least favorite type of bread? Anything but hero rolls.

Zelda: “Why are you wearing a cape?” Link: “I’m trying to be super!”

Why did Link go to the farm? He wanted to see the cuccos!

Zelda’s least favorite drink? Link-onade.

Why did Link bring a net to the dance? He wanted to catch some grooves!

Zelda’s least favorite type of movie? Anything without a Link to the plot.

Clean zelda jokes

Embark on a lighthearted journey through the land of Hyrule, where humor shines as brightly as the Triforce!

From the heroics of Link to the enchanting Zelda, there’s a world of clean, family-friendly humor waiting to be explored. So, gather your fellow adventurers and prepare for

a laughter-filled quest with these 30 clean Zelda jokes:

Why did Link wear green? He wanted to blend in with the Hylian grass!

Zelda’s favorite type of story? Fairy tales, of course!

Link’s favorite type of sandwich? Peanut butter and jelly with a side of rupees.

Why did Zelda love the beach? She was a fan of sand castles!

Link’s favorite type of exercise? Sword lifts.

Zelda: “Why did you bring a shield to dinner?” Link: “I heard the food was a hit!”

Why did Link love the forest? It was tree-mendous!

Zelda’s favorite type of music? Anything with a good beat and no Ganon.

Why did Link become a chef? He loved slicing and dicing!

Link’s favorite type of cake? Triforce tiramisu.

Zelda: “Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?” Link: “I’m practicing my cool hero look!”

Why did Link love winter? Snow much fun!

Zelda’s favorite type of dance? The royal waltz.

Why did Link go to the museum? He loved ancient Hylian history!

Zelda’s favorite type of flower? The royal rose.

Link’s favorite type of bird? The Hylian hummingbird.

Why did Zelda love reading? She loved a good Link to the past!

Link’s favorite type of game? Musical chairs with a Hylian twist.

Zelda: “Why did you bring a compass?” Link: “I never want to lose my way to you!”

Why did Link love the mountains? They were peak perfection!

Zelda’s favorite type of dessert? Royal raspberry ripple.

Why did Link become a sailor? He loved the sea and shore!

Link’s favorite type of tree? The Deku Tree, naturally.

Why did Zelda love the garden? She had a green thumb!

Link’s favorite type of drink? Hylian herbal tea.

Zelda: “Why are you carrying a lantern?” Link: “I want to light up your world!”

Why did Link love the meadow? It was simply field-tastic!

Zelda’s favorite type of candy? Royal raspberry rolls.

Why did Link become a teacher? He loved sharing his adventures!

Zelda’s favorite type of hat? A royal tiara, of course!

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