Confucius Says Jokes

Confucius Says Jokes – Lighten Your Day Instantly

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“Confucius Says Jokes” tap into the timeless tradition of using wit to illuminate life’s complexities.

How often do we find ourselves scrolling endlessly, seeking that spark of joy in a sea of mundane?

These jokes, with their clever twists and playful insights, offer a refreshing plunge into humor.

They’re not just about laughter; they’re a bridge connecting ancient wisdom with modern levity.

How can a simple play on words turn our day around or offer a new perspective on the routine?

By weaving philosophical musings with a twist of humor, these jokes serve as bite-sized reflections that challenge us to see the world through a lens of light-heartedness.

Ready to dive into a world where wisdom meets wit in the most unexpected ways?

Confucius Says Jokes

Confucius Says Jokes

Confucius says, “Man who run in front of car get tired.”

“Man who run behind car get exhausted,” adds Confucius.

Wise one mentions, “He who eats too many prunes sits on toilet many moons.”

Confucius reveals, “Man who fights with wife all day get no piece at night.”

He advises, “Man who jumps off cliff jumps to conclusion.”

Sage points out, “He who stands on toilet is high on pot.”

Confucius muses, “Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have crappy time.”

He notes, “Man who sleeps on road wakes up feeling run down.”

Master suggests, “He who fishes in other man’s well often catches crabs.”

Confucius states, “Man who gets kicked in testicles left holding the bag.”

He observes, “He who plays with fire extinguisher… not so bright.”

Teacher says, “Man who sticks foot in mouth eventually needs toe truck.”

Confucius chuckles, “He who laughs last did not get the joke.”

Wise man remarks, “Man who eats photo of father soon spitting image.”

He considers, “He who throws mud loses ground.”

Confucius asserts, “Man who lives in glass house should change clothes in basement.”

He quips, “Man who pushes piano down mineshaft gets A-flat miner.”

Sage thinks, “He who stands too close to car gets tyred.”

Confucius advises, “Man who leap off boat not necessarily into swimming.”

He cautions, “Man who sit on tack get point!”

Teacher observes, “He who lets cat out of bag gets litter everywhere.”

Confucius says, “Man who goes to bed with itchy butt wakes up with smelly finger.”

He points out, “Man caught in pantry has his cake and eats it too.”

Sage advises, “He who eats crackers in bed wake up feeling crumby.”

Confucius notes, “Man who tell one too many light bulb jokes soon burned out.”

He smiles, “Man who drives like hell bound to get there!”

Wise one cautions, “He who stick head in open window gets pane-ful reminder.”

Confucius observes, “Man who walks through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok.”

He remarks, “Man with four balls cannot walk.”

Sage suggests, “He who plays too much video game live in virtual reality.”

Confucius states, “Man who loses key to apartment not get in.”

He jests, “Man who eat many beans become musical.”

Teacher warns, “He who go to sleep with sex problem wake up with solution in hand.”

Confucius chuckles, “Man who drop watch in whisky wasting time.”

He muses, “Man who snore like train likely to wake up in wrong station.”

Sage points out, “He who tries to paddle both sides of boat going in circles.”

Confucius advises, “Man who throws dirt is losing ground.”

He cautions, “Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it.”

Teacher observes, “He who eats sweets takes up two seats.”

Confucius concludes, “Man who practice humility have nothing to lose but his balance.”

Funny Confucius Says Jokes

Funny Confucius Says Jokes

Confucius claim, “Dog who chase car eventually exhausted.”

“Baker who wake up late doughnuts,” Confucius quip.

Wise one tweet, “Bird who early worm gets.”

Sage advice, “Boy who eat too much candy bound to bounce off walls.”

“Girl who read in dark seeks enlightenment,” Confucius illuminate.

Master joke, “Golfer who play in thunderstorm make shocking discovery.”

“Kitten who play with yarn live on edge,” he purr.

“Student who guess on test eventually test patience,” teacher sigh.

“Cowboy who ride off into sunset might just be lost,” Confucius reckon.

“Fisherman who tell tales about size fish truth stretching,” he hook.

“Painter who fall off ladder not brushed up on safety,” artist muse.

“Chef who scream at egg likely to crack under pressure,” Confucius cook.

“Gardener who plant wrong seeds reap what sow,” he dig.

“Ghost who haunt house never truly alone,” spook whisper.

“Mechanic who sleep in car dream in overdrive,” Confucius gear up.

“Librarian who talk too loud book for noise,” sage shush.

“Astronomer who daydream at night star-crossed,” he star.

“Teacher who write on wrong board lesson in error,” Confucius correct.

“Dancer who stumble on air floor fault,” he tap.

“Doctor who joke in surgery have cutting humor,” med chuckle.

“Pilot who fly upside down just winging it,” aviator spin.

“Photographer who lose camera in dark room develops problem,” snap say.

“Runner who race against time always late,” sprinter dash.

“Singer who forget words face music,” vocalist hum.

“Electrician who refuse to conduit shocking behavior,” spark flinch.

“Inventor who not use own invention not sold on idea,” tinker ponder.

“Juggler who drop ball let things get out of hand,” performer admit.

“Firefighter who play with fire get burned out,” blaze report.

“Carpenter who nail interview still have to hammer out details,” build explain.

“Magician who lose rabbit hat to blame,” illusionist pull.

Best Confucius Says Jokes

Confucius speak, “Mailman who lose letters bound to feel post traumatic.”

“Cyclist who ride uphill always overcomer,” he pedal.

Master caution, “Dentist who make mistake pull wrong tooth.”

“Bowler who strike out in life pins hopes on game,” Confucius roll.

Wise guy, “Farmer who count cows by rounding them up.”

“Hairdresser who gossip too much cut it out,” sage snip.

“Butcher who backtalk get chop,” he slice.

“Teen who eat clock do time consuming,” elder tick.

“Teacher who use pencil point out mistakes,” Confucius write.

“Beekeeper who buzz too much hive mind,” he buzz.

“Plumber who leak information soon drained,” master drip.

“Banker who lose interest face withdrawal,” sage account.

“Skier who jump to conclusions go downhill,” he slalom.

“Electrician who shocked at work not current with safety,” spark notice.

“Baker who rise late doughnut find success,” mix blend.

“Window cleaner who fall off ladder see clear end,” squeegee predict.

“Tattoo artist who make mistake draw wrong conclusion,” ink dwell.

“Roofer in hot sun feel shingle and ready to mingle,” cover jest.

“Fish who school others swim in knowledge,” fin teach.

“Mime who talk too much not unheard of,” silent reveal.

“Vampire who donate blood good at vein charity,” fang contribute.

“Knight who afraid of fight chosen last in medieval draft,” armor dodge.

“Pirate who clean deck swab the laugh,” hook joke.

“Astronaut who skip launch day spaced out,” orbit mull.

“Judge who love bakery hold court in pie,” gavel declare.

“Architect who get lost in blueprint find design flaw,” draw correct.

“Snowman who sunbathe pool around,” melt gather.

“Zookeeper who lose monkey find it’s not all fun and games,” cage search.

“Detective who play cards hold ’em close to chest,” clue shuffle.

“Musician who play wrong note face the music,” tune confront.

Confucius Says One Liner Jokes

Confucius say, “Man who lose key to girlfriend’s heart get no new-key.”

“Bookworm who fall in love with dictionary finds meaning in relationship.”

“Lifeguard who save hydrant instead of person barking up wrong tree.”

“Man who eat clock very time consuming.”

“Chef who steal kitchen utensils take whisk in life.”

“Man who stand on toilet high on pot.”

“Acrobat who go on diet do flip-flop.”

“Man with leaky roof feel under the weather.”

“Dieter who break scale really tipping the scales.”

“Baker who leave yeast out rises to occasion.”

“Man who tie shoes too tight lost in thought.”

“Painter who fight for shade not bright.”

“Farmer who count sheep when awake never gets over hurdle.”

“Man who buy broken compass going nowhere fast.”

“Singer who eat too much cheese always sharp.”

“Gambler who lose bet on elevator going down.”

“Man who sell vacuum cleaners sucks at business.”

“Thief who steal calendar get twelve months.”

“Man who jump on trampoline get uplifting experience.”

“Barber who make mistake on purpose doing cutting edge work.”

“Fisherman who tell stories always fish for compliments.”

“Man who get lost in tea shop in hot water.”

“Stargazer who fall in love with moon having a crater crush.”

“Man who wear too many hats confuse hairdresser.”

“Dentist who play poker always raise the stakes.”

“Pilot who fly too low always under radar.”

“Golfer who play in thunderstorm claiming shocking score.”

“Man who eat spaghetti in wind forecast noodle storm.”

“Astronaut who break rule space out.”

“Clown who fear laughter having last chuckle.”

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